Summer in Carlingford – Flower Panel

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The flower panel is worked in strips, which are connected using a ‘Join as you go’ method.

To create the first strip

  1. chain 4, and join with slip stitch to form ring. First eye made.

2. next, make a chain 4 and 2 dtr cluster in eye. To do this, chain 4, yarn over hook twice, then insert hook into the eye.

3. Now yarn over hook and pull through 2 loops. repeat. 2 loops left on hook.

4. Repeat step three above. Three loops on hook.

5. Yarn over and pull through. Cluster finished. Now chain 4.

6. Slip stitch to start of chain to form ring. Second eye made.

Make a second cluster – chain three, then 2Dtr tog as above

Repeat until you have the correct number of clusters for your size. Check your work as you go that you always have one eye, then one petal

On the final cluster, it is time to turn, and start down the second side. Begin by chaining 4, then start a new cluster. Yarn over hook twice, and insert hook into eye.

Yarn over and pull through 2 loops on hook twice. 2 loops left on hook. Repeat twice more.

You now have 3 incomplete Dtr stitches, plus your c4 – 4 loops on hook. Yarn over and pull through all 4

Chain 4, and repeat this step – now there are three petals in this eye.

Now repeat the steps to make a petal, but work it into the next eye

Continue in this way, so each eye has 2 new petals separated by a chain 4, and there is no chain between the 2 flowers

Repeat to the end of the strip. Watch out for that last petal, it can fold down and hide!

In the final eye, work a petal and chain 4, then repeat and work another petal and chain 4. Now it is time to go down the final side, and join to the main body

Lay the hexagon above your work

Chain 2, then slip stitch into the second space. Chain 1. Along this edge, c2 – ss – c1 replaces the c4 on the toehr sdes, and connects the strip to the main body.

Continue to work as for the previous side, connecting to the hexagon and working into each 2nd space

At the end, work c2, ss, c1, then slip stitch into the top of the first petal

When the first strip is complete, repeat the center and first side of a second strip.

This time, instead of joining into every 2nd space on the hegagon, join with c2 -slip stitch – c1 into the c4 of the first strip

Continue joining the full way down

By Ciara

I learned to knit as a young child, and came to crochet much later in life when I could no longer knit. Sharing the joy of crochet with sustainability and slow fashion in mind is a passion

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