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Here at the Fairythorn you will find a beautiful range of crochet patterns, yarn kits and yarns to make lasting garments that fit and flatter in sustainable eco conscious yarn choices

Our Promise to You

  • Clear well written patterns that have been through technical editing and rigorous testing
  • Designs that fit and flatter
  • Size inclusive patterns for children and adults of all shapes and sizes
  • Gender inclusive patterns for people of all gender identities
  • Yarn and yarn kits in a range of sustainable wool and plant based yarns, and plastic free packaging

Meet the Makers

I’m Ciara, and I have been knitting since I was 6 years old or younger. I only came to crochet a few years ago, when problems with my shoulders made it difficult for me to knit. Since then I have been crocheting and designing crochet projects. In recovery from a long career as an academic, I now write crochet patterns and fiction. Both involve imagining something fantastic, then figuring out how to communicate it simply and clearly so others can follow along, so quite similar activities, really.


Hi, Hi, got any treats? Want to play? I’m Odin, I’m the worlds bestest doggy! You can call me Doodle-bugs, Scruffy-bum or Odious Prime if you like. I passed all my exams. I was so good that day! Now I’m a qualified Assistance dog, certified by Dog A.I.D. I can do lots to help, like taking washing from the machine, and opening doors, but my best trick is picking up balls of wool Ciara drops, and Not. Shaking. Them. before I put them in her lap. That took a long time to learn. Giving a ball of wool a good shake is just so much darn fun! But i’m super good, so I don’t. And also, I bring Ciara out on a walk every day (even if it’s raining) and that’s where she gets all her best ideas, so really, I think I’m just the lynchpin of the Fairythorn.

Whats behind the Name?

A ‘Fairythorn ’ is a nickname for a single hawthorn tree growing by itself. In traditional Ireland many superstitions surrounded these trees, which were considered to have otherworldly property, and to be the home of Fairies. For this reason they often took on the role of and association with environmental protection. Indeed, in years gone by, archaeologists would often plant a hawtorn tree beside a site of significance as a way of preserving it.

When choosing a name for my fledgling design site, this symbolism of connection and preservation of the natural world seemed ideal