Gifts for Crafty People

If you’re someone who loves to craft, you know the feeling of receiving the same old gifts every year. With Valentine’s Day coming up, I thought it would be helpful to compile a list of ideas to use for gifts for crafty people. After all, they deserve something that reflects their passion and interests, don’t… Continue reading Gifts for Crafty People

Does Knitting or Crochet use more yarn?

Does crochet really use more yarn than knitting? And if so, how much more? This simple question can lead to heated debates in knitting and crochet groups. However, no one seems to have clear cut evidence for their answers. So, time for a few little experiments… But first, for those looking for the ‘too long/didn’t… Continue reading Does Knitting or Crochet use more yarn?

5 Crochet Designers from Ireland

What is Irish about Crochet Designers living and working in Ireland today? Does the location shape the design? This St. Patrick’s day I’m looking at 5 crochet designers from Ireland, and finding plenty of inspiration. I read somewhere recently that Ireland has one of the highest percentage of students pursuing qualifications in fashion and design,… Continue reading 5 Crochet Designers from Ireland

My Pattern in Crochet Foundry Magazine

This week The Crochet Foundry Magazine published their March issue, including my pattern The Enniskerry Garden Cardigan. This is my second publication – with 2 more on the way with different publishers. Its been a roller coaster, and such a rewarding experience. Now I get to have ‘as published in’ on the landing page of… Continue reading My Pattern in Crochet Foundry Magazine